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We have two main types of chocolate, both raw and organic - bean-to-bar made from beans from Ms Sunshine Farms is Tuinai’i in Samoa, and a blended chocolate using Peruvian cacao solids. We also make a white chocolate - one using coconut sugar which is a beautiful golden colour, and one using Lakanta (a monkfruit sweetenert which is keto friendly). If you’ve ever tried Sweet William white chocolate, the Lakanta chocolate is similar to that.

Our dark chocolate is generally 75% cacao solids, we make a dark milk (68%), and our white chocolates are 64%

We flavour our chocolate with natural flavourings and textures including freeze-dried raspberries, dried plums, raw almonds, dried cranberries, cacao nibs, macrobiotic sea salt.

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75% Cacao Dark chocolate: cacao powder*, cacao butter*, coconut sugar*

Cranberry + Almond: 75% dark chocolate*, almonds*, dried cranberries*

Raspberry: 75% dark chocolate*, freeze-dried raspberries

Cacao Nib Crunch: 75% dark chocolate*, cacao nibs*

Sea Salt: 75% dark chocolate*, macrobiotic sea salt*


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